Cammada is a Brazilian startup that connects people who need 3D printing to the people who have
a 3D printer. 
The brief was to create an online platform where anyone could print a product and get it delivered in the quickest way possible, and where the printer owners could easily manage orders and start their own 3D-printing business. 
I worked very closely with the clients: creating the wireframes, flows, and visual design from scratch. The UI was designed to be very fun but not childish, and the whole experience, from choosing your product or uploading your own 3D file has received great feedback from clients and printers all over the country. 
Since their release, about two years ago, the company's been constantly growing and has gained lots of media attention. It is fast becoming one of the main players in the 3D-printing market in Brazil. They've also built a solid network of printers and are really helping this market grow even more in the country.
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