Go UFRJ is an app made for one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil that helps students, staff, and faculty; it provides information traffic and events going on inside the campus.
Being one of the biggest universities and having a whole island as one of its campuses, UFRJ wanted an app to help people with traffic on their way there and within the campus (it's one of the biggest in the country, with over five kmĀ² and several exclusive bus lines), but not only that. The project was sponsored by Fundo Verde (Green Fund), a group that raises awareness about environmental issues so the brief was to combine both things into an app.
The solution shows people the best way to get there using several means of transportation while providing information about how much CO2 you've launched in the environment. It also included a desktop app for the staff to insert traffic information. This way, the app encourages people to use cleaner means or to share vehicles, including a functionality that helps them get a ride in and out of campus.

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