Navii helps companies move anyone from point A to point B, providing a system that connects the drivers to the company’s needs.
In the oil-and-gas industry, like in many others, the companies have to take their employees and clients from one place to another every day, many times a day. In Brazil, most of them still do all this process using a telephone, pen, and paper so the brief of the project was to make it all digital and scalable.
Our solution was to create a desktop app for the companies' human resources and two mobile apps: one for the driver and one for the passenger. On the main product—the desktop app—the companies can create and monitor these multiple missions (taking someone from A to B), search for drivers, and allocate passengers in a simple-and-dynamic way.
Process-wise, we worked together with the client and many real users (the client was already in this business), conducting constant tests that made sure we were really making their lives a lot easier.

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